About Us

Serving the best Chicago Dog, east of Chicago for more than 24 years helped this Michigan City, IN favorite become the 43rd inductee into Vienna Beef’s National Hall of Fame. Eligiblilty for induction into the Hall of Fame is based on a variety of criteria, including how long they have been representing Vienna Beef products, the vendor’s contribution to their community, philanthropic leadership, and overall commitment to the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their customers.


The “Chicago Style” hot dog history began with street cart hot dog vendors during the hard times of the Great Depression.

Money was scarce, but business was booming for these entrepreneurs who offered a delicious hot meal on a bun for only a nickel. The famous Chicago Style Hot Dog was born!

They’d start with a Vienna Beef hot dog, nestle it in a steamed poppyseed bun, and cover it with a wonderful combination of toppings: yellow mustard, bright green relish, fresh chopped onions, juicy red tomato wedges, a kosher-style pickle spear, a couple of spicy sport peppers and finally, a dash of celery salt.

This unique hot dog creation with a “salad on top” and its memorable interplay of hot and cold, crisp and soft, sharp and smooth, became America’s original fast food and a true Chicago institution.